This view never gets old. 🌄☀️#lastsemester #cuboulder #sunny #winter

This view never gets old. 🌄☀️#lastsemester #cuboulder #sunny #winter

🙌 #beinspired #quoteoftheday #wordstoliveby

🙌 #beinspired #quoteoftheday #wordstoliveby



When first laying eyes on this absolutely stunning and captivating advertising spot, I was blown away by the depth of its story, the cause it represents and its vibrant graphics. Check it out! You won’t be disappointed :)

Social Media Spotlight // Meet ‘Grant Weber’. Subaru’s Brilliant Social Media Marketing Canine of the Day


Woof! Woof!

As a connoisseur of fire hydrants and open car windows, ‘Grant Weber’ struts the effective and furry face of the Subaru brand in this recent Facebook post. This post not only showcases the ‘down-to-earth' ethics of the Subaru brand, but it screams emotional appeal and lures the loving nature of its target audience (dog lovers, or not).


[ Crafted via A. Jaye Ranes ]

Google Glass: The Future of Social Media Networking


When first lying eyes on Google’s new augmented reality glasses, Google Glass, one may feel as if they are looking at something from the Jetsons. However, for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg, it is a game changing business venture. In the Forbes magazine article titled, “No One Is More Excited For Google Glass Than Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg”, Zuckerburg’s enthusiastic interest in the exciting new gadget is showcased. The article begins by discussing Zuckerburg’s interaction with Google cofounder, Sergey Brin, at a recent event and Zuckerburg’s thoughts on possibly integrating Facebook into the Google Glass software (or at least work on developing compatible applications). Although this collaboration may seem odd considering the long-term rivalry between the two technology giants, the article points out the fact that the two corporations “work together a little more than people think”. By working together on such an extraordinary project, Mark Zuckerburg believes it will change the way by which we share everyday life moments. He ultimately feels Google Glass will allow for more efficient sharing of experiences with a more user friendly and natural platform.


After reading this article, Google Glass and its potential influence on the realm of social media raised the following question in my mind:  ‘What does Google’s new computer platform mean for the future of social media?’ In the world today, we are constantly connected to the people in our lives through social media outlets and the use of mobile smartphone devices. Mobile smartphones allow for access to social networks from many locations; however, they are more in our lives with us rather than being completely immersed in the experience. By seeing every update and post side by side with reality, Google’s augmented reality glasses will not only make it easier to share experience but also faster. For instance, the article states, “From a Facebook perspective, those videos and photos on Brin’s device are likely the perfect type of content to share on their network. And with a working Facebook integration, it would presumably take the flick of a finger or the quick shift of an eye to share those memories from the spectacles to a social network”. This ability to swiftly and efficiently share experiences with others in way that seems naturally apart of one’s life will ultimately alter the realm of social media. It will also change how companies like Google and Facebook integrate each others products to work together and allow for the creation of secondary applications. If Google Glass can attach itself to consumers when released into the market and become mainstream, there is no doubt in my mind social media will ultimately take yet another turn towards the future. 

(Post Written by A. Jaye Ranes)

Passion, Personality and Transparency: Showcases Innovative Marketing Tips By Leading Brands


This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum with articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

Do you follow a brand in social media? Are you glad you did? If that’s the case, they are either doing one of three things:

  • Connecting with one of your passions and/or interests.

  • Entertaining you with their engaging personality.

  • Providing interesting and/or important information to you.

    *The three strategies — passion, personality and transparency — are outlined in the link.*

CAMPAIGN SPOTLIGHT: French Car Maker Peugeot’s Genius Approach to Pinterest #socialmediamarketing #pinterest

Creativity is confidence. #quote #inspiration #creativity

Creativity is confidence. #quote #inspiration #creativity

The Walking Dead Promo

Ad agency Leo Burnett Toronto has created a simple, yet creative indoor display at Toronto’s Union Station to remind commuters of the mid-season return of AMC’s hit series ‘The Walking Dead’. Starting the count down at 10, each day a finger is cut off reminding the commuters how many days are left until the show returns.

Going to stop by and check it on my way home from work tomorrow. 

5 Ways to Get More From Any Content Marketing Campaign

via Mashable

Excellent content is like a classic song — sometimes covers are just as good, if not better than the original. As musicians proved long ago, there are far more ways to spin a winning track. Those looking to boost customer interest, website traffic and social media sharing can try these tips to remix their content into several equally impressive results, all of which can help get the most out of your organization’s top online hits.

Target Ad #2 // Making Light Bulbs ‘Sexy’, Stylish, or Both?